Seductive Erotica Books For Mature Audiences Only


The success of books and films dealing with seductive erotica have proven one thing. The public has a thirst for romantic novels full of hot, steamy and wild sex stories. The past few years, sales of the genre have reached billions of dollars. Women and men all over the world can be seen clutching their romance or erotic novels. Additionally, the public’s yearning for such stories has transcended beyond books.


There are now erotic porn movies dealing with such storylines. They focus more on relationships and seduction than simply the sex traditional porno did. This has led to an explosion of seductive erotica. Some in book form and others in videos or films.

Open Me – Lisa Locascio

Anyone who wants to take a ride into their sexual awakening may want to read this book. The main character is a female who finds out what her sexual potential can be. There are hot and steamy sexual relations throughout the book.

Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James

Many credit the success of this book as the reason why the genre has become so popular. Not only has this book sold more copies than any other like it, there have been movies based on it as well. It deals with S&M and of course, salacious and wild sex.

Unmasked the Marquess – Cat Sebastian

This book is the first installment belonging to the Regency Imposters series. There are unexpected twists that take place in the story making it that much more intriguing.

Claimed – Elle Kennedy

Fans of books dealing with steamy sexual tension, a bit of science fiction and suspense mixed with romance will adore this book. The story takes readers to a time when outlaws roamed freely. Characters find themselves connecting and surrendering to one another’s sexual fantasies and desires.

Hate To Want You – Alisha Rai

In this erotic romantic novel, two of the main characters at constantly ad odds with each other. But after what was supposed to be a casual sex encounter, things change.

Bared To You – Sylvia Day

When you bring together two young adults who both have abusive pasts to deal with, complications ensue. Lust and love come together and end up in obsession for one of the characters. All the while, readers are taken on a romantic ride full of salacious situations.

Besides these books, there are many other mature only novels to enjoy. Coincidentally, many of the titillating and erotic novels are often turned into films. Not just mainstream movies, but adult oriented, sexually explicit films and amateur videos. People can find similar sexual encounters in erotic adult videos in sites such as Nudevista.