If you dream of becoming an erotica writer, here are a few things you have to include in your writing to make your readers beg for more. Before you begin, understand the difference between erotica and porn. The simplest separation between the two is that erotica elicits sexual desires and porn releases it. In this article, we will tell you three things that will help take your writing to next level.

Build up: The biggest difference between crass porn and well-written erotica is the build-up. Consider it as the foreplay. Make it slow and deliberate. Build the anticipation so much that your readers cannot put it down. Instead of a kiss, depict a deliberate brush against her lips. See my point?

Hit the imagination: Imagination is one of the biggest weapons in a writer’s toolbox. Our mind has an unlimited imagination. Start your writing based on reality and put a few gaps for your reader’s mind to fill. As you move forward, add more gaps. These sly gaps help the reader to fill it with his own imagination. This, in turn, helps your reader feel as if he is taking part in the story. When the reader starts to identify with the story, it will be hard for him to put it down.

Specialise: Just like any other field, specialising makes you more valuable. Specialising not only helps you become an expert but also gives you a ready market. Just like how some people like murder mysteries, there are folks who love their ‘kinks’ and ‘fetishes.’ Choose a niche that you enjoy, and it becomes easy to write.

By adding these three ingredients to your writing, your erotica will stand apart from the rest. Build up the sexual tension over time, use your reader’s imagination and specialise in a particular niche. These three nuggets will get you more eyeballs than all the illustrations in the world.